Tuesday, April 23, 2019

PLASTIC PENNY - Two Sides Of A Penny LP

Thanks to the commenter who I.D.'d a couple of these musicians:  Features Elton John's future drummer Nigel Olsson and the late great Paul Raymond on keys who was backing vocalist for UFO and was in Savoy Brown and Mick Graham of Procol Harem.  Had to share something from record store day last week.  Thanks to Antonio and Collin at the sponsor store as well as Sam Ash Music stores.  Collin has me figured out see, he finds the stuff and shows me what to buy so he can download a rip of it later...very shrewd, LOL.  Here ya go Coll!  This is some over the top Psyche Rock just down my lane.


Anonymous said...

Is this the band that had the late Paul Raymond of UFO, Mick Graham of Procol Harem and the great Nigel Olsson of the Elton John Band?

dayglo said...

Thanks, Patrick! You got me pegged! I'm anxious to download this when I get a chance. -Collin from RocketStar Records.