Monday, July 2, 2018

VA - K-TEL presents The Beat LP 82

Ahh what a great find (good 80s K-Tel comp's are rare and beat up not new like this) during the elbow to elbow combat shopping at the Planet Retro dollar sale a couple weeks ago.  It was a legacy collection from old downtown emporium record store used to be in Sarasota and owner recently passed away as I was in the new sponsor store and I heard this from someone with the estate there so I gave him the record store name to sell to.  Contains:  A Flock Of Seagulls, Kim Wilde, Haircut One Hundred, Sparks, Split Enz, Graham Parker, The Waitresses (rare 'Sucker!' version), Go-Go's (when are they gonna get in the R'n'R HOF!!), Duran Duran, Thompson Twins, Depeche Mode, OMD and Billy Idol (I thought the Boss did this song - Hot in the City!):

ON A SIDE NOTE:  I took down links from last week of Tribes, Free Creek comp and Thjis van Leer Introspections I and II (only got a 2 of 6 rating anyways--all classical) due to quality.  I have vowed never to mix a Stanton tip with my Ortofon stylus base cartridge as the needle doesn't hit the groove as good especially when my pre-amp recording level is too low.  You see my pre-amp has two level adjusts with a rotary potentiometer (I went below my normal the minimum of 60%) and slide lever fine adjust.  When signal is so weak it just turns to static (don't worry it didn't wreck you speakers!).
 Will be back this afternoon for a very special 4th of July movie post!!!


angstytimelord said...

OMG, I had this one when I was in college! It was the first album I bought at the local record shop, Stereo Village, the weekend before my classes started. I drove my roommate NUTS playing this all the time. (She was into classic rock and my new wave annoyed her. She practically had fits and started foaming at the mouth when I played Japan -- she HATED David Sylvian's voice.) Can't wait to DL this one -- it'll bring back some great memories!

DiggityDawg said...

I had it, too - but high school for me. And on cassette!!!

Anonymous said...

do you have anything by, thanks

Jungle Jim said...

I am loving this - thank you so much!
Great tunes for the holiday!