Monday, June 25, 2018

VA - God Less America - Country And Western fer all ye Sinners 'n' Sufferers 1955 -1966 LP

REPOST Request:  I will copy and paste Brian Guys great words from original post:  This is compilation has the most messed up songs that you will never hear on your local country music station. I love this album for a lot of different reasons: 1. I love old Country Western 2. I like songs that are a little off beat and that's what this is. Songs about serial killers, drunks, killers and dregs of society.
At least two of the songs on this compilation have been covered by other artists, The Cowslingers did Too Many Pills and T. Tex Edwards covered Dolores, I am not sure which versions I like more.
This was released by Crypt in 1995. Thanks to discos for the scans, since I didn't have the time to scan my copy.
I hope that people give this a chance, because it deserves it. I'm not going to list the bands and artist that appear on this because I'd be willing to bet that you haven't heard of them, Lord knows I only recognized a handful of names on this.   Enjoy.   Includes:  Ramblin' Ed Bailey, Arkey Blue And The Blue Cowboys, Billy Ray, Chuck Wells, Harry Johnson, Horace Heller, Pierce Bros., Country Johnny Mathis, Troy Hess, Hi Fi Guys, Mohawk And The Rednecks, Cal Veale, Paul Barton, Granpa Joe, Eddie Noack, Billy Barton and Lum Hatcher.

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Anonymous said...
The Sadies do an excellent cover of It's Nothing To Me. It's on their first or second album. Thanks for posting! I've got some great country (always old-school) from this blog so post some more! I've said before "I came for the punk but stayed for the country"

FEBRUARY 22, 2012 AT 10:30 PM
Brian Guy said...
Glad you enjoyed it. Hopefully I'll be posting some of the seven inchers released by The Diesel Only label down the road.

I'll have to see if I have that Sadies album, as "It's nothing to me is a great song, and I'd love to hear how they covered it.


Brian Guy

FEBRUARY 23, 2012 AT 1:11 PM
OrG said...
Link is broken.

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