Monday, June 25, 2018

THIJS VAN LEER - Introspection 1 LP 72 w 2 LP 76 w Nice To Have Met You LP 78 w JAN AKKERMAN - Profile LP 72 w Tabernakel LP 73 w st LP 77 w Live LP 78 w JAN AKKERMAN AND KAZ LUX - Eli LP 76 w FOCUS - Jan Akkerman And Thijs van Leer LP 85

Nice to get this stuff converted and sold off!  Here we have the two masterminds behind Focus from last week along with a later album when the two regrouped.  I would say the van Leer introspection albums start off sounding like the old 'Masterpiece Theater' theme (my dad's old favorite show) and goes into a Graduation type sound but hey that's my shallow interpretation of classic music--his later album contains yet another version of their huge hit "Hocus Pocus' to make a fourth type with his yodeling way way over the edge (from last week had the 7 version, long album version and speeded up version from the greatest hits).  The guitarist early album 'Profile' has that cool pre-punk distorted guitar sound.  WARNING--DISCARD TGE introspectiom rips as there were so many pops cut out that it left behind just enouvh music to grate your speakers plus they only got 2 out of 5 on wiki.

  • Sorry too mu h ztatuc on intros

Link 2 of 6 TVL2:
Link 3 of 6 JA1:
Link 4 of 6 JA2:
Link 5 of 6 JA3:
Link 6 of 6 F:

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