Wednesday, May 9, 2018

HARLOW - st CD 90

Since commentor S.D. Joe mentioned this album a while ago and I finally found it albeit a CD, I am going to use his words to describe it:  Ever come across an Eve Moon-ish, femme-fronted hard rock opus named HARLOW? The femme in question was named Teresa Strayer, the guitar player was a pre-Kiss Tommy Thayer, this is maybe 1988 or so....anyway, the album was corporate-product, hard rock-cum-AOR like a million others back then, that managed to rise above the rest of the also-rans with good songwriting, killer vocals and guitar, and making sure they were ready to kick ass when the tape was rolling. One of those otherwise-forgotten lps that caught whoever was lucky enough to hear it by surprise.  Anyway... should you stumble across HARLOW, do everyone a favor and rip it. Like that fat Cajun used to say, I ga-ronn-tee!


angstytimelord said...

I had this cassette when I was in my early 20s and going through my hair metal craze! I agree, it's a cut above most of the AOR metal that was out there at the time. I never understood why groups like Vixen, who to me were just kind of boring and blah, got so much attention when bands like Harlow were ignored. These guys were part of the female-led band trifecta for me, along with Saraya and Femme Fatale.

Hey, I've got a request for you. (Don't judge me, it's an odd one!) I've been trying to find a lot of old music from my childhood lately, and for the life of me I can't find anything out there on the net by Shaun Cassidy. I'm trying to find four of his albums in particular -- the self-titled, "Born Late," "Room Service," and "Under Wraps." DON'T LAUGH! Listen to some of his songs. The guy has a really great voice, and some of his tunes (like "Teen Dream," my favorite of his songs) were stellar pop music. And hey, he was a good looking musician and I was a 13-year-old girl when he was popular. So of course I loved him!

S.D. Joe said...

Thou art....the Man!!

I swear, sometimes I think if I made up a band completely out of whole cloth - Johnny Smiley and his Rockabilly Morticians, let's say - and submitted it here as a request, that somehow....some WAY...and when I least expect it....I'll click onto this page and see a vinyl rip of Johnny Smiley and His Rockabilly Morticians waiting for me.

Not to mention the A & B sides of the single!!

I dunno how you do that voodoo that you do - but KEEP DOIN' IT!