Tuesday, May 29, 2018

ALEX TAYLOR - Dinnertime LP 72 w Voodoo In Me LP 89

REPOST and ADD ON:  I don't know why I have two of these by James Taylor brother but I guess I just got the later one because Dan Aykroyd wrote a little praise: "Where does a Blues Brother go to hear his favorite music and a vocalist of great range, personality and dynamism?...wherever Alex Taylor can be found.   Forget that he is a member of the acknowledged soul-heart of the famous Taylor singing family.  Forget that he has held his own on the bill with Chuck Berry, Bo Diddley, Jerry Lee Lewis, Carl Perkins and is a member in good standing of the Saturday Night Live, Blues Brothers Hidden Inspirers Club.  Even if I hadn't been digging his unparalleled vocal power since first hearing him at New York's Lone Star Cafe and feeling his life-loving spirit in everything I've ever heard him sing, this record alone would make me a devotee.  Yes it's true that I exclusively booked him and his band one recent summer so that I could hang out and learn how to build a smoking' show.  The whole six months were a pleasure.  Alex is hot and hard working.  This record is a taste of incredible POWERFUNKBURN MUSIC a few acres of which he can now boldly mark as his own."  Elwood Blues aka Dan Aykroyd.

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Awesome new bunch of rare vinyls...You're the 'boss' , dear friend.Have a nice week and thanks a lot.

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