Wednesday, April 4, 2018

MADONNA - An Unauthorized Biography

Got this VHS from the God's Own Goodwill but it was rather rough shape.  However, I tried to rip it again and it worked so I thought I would post.  This defines one of my sister's way of life to a tee!  Ciccone Youth, YOOOOHHHH!!!
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Anonymous said...

Hi Down Underground people, just like everyone else, i'm gonna blow some smoke up your behinds before i ask you for something, but at least i'm sincere & upfront about it.
I love this site and what you all provide here. Discovered some great 'new' music through you, and wanted to say thank you very much people. It is very much appreciated.
Was also gonna ask if you had any of those 70s/80s various artist compilation LPs which radio stations used to put together featuring local bands? They sometimes appeared as a result of local battle of the bands competitions, or national competitions which were often co-sponsored by the big beer companies.
'Rock To Riches', 'Homegrown' and the like.
Often the artists never got any further, but you find the odd one with bands who later became big like Weird Al or Twisted Sister.
Would love to hear whatever you might have to share in this niche area.
Much luv to y'all,

dayglo said...

Hi Patrick!
New used record store opens in Sarasota. Rocketstar Records, 406 N. Washington Blvd., Rt. 301, downtown, one block north of Fruitville Rd. at 4th St.

Viacomclosedmedown on youtube said...

Hi Collin,

Great news! Hope you will be there to guide me through your New Jersey WFMU selections if we can find any in this new lot!

Viacomclosedmedown on youtube said...

Hey Collin,

Got your record store details up now on the home page...take a look!