Monday, February 26, 2018

TRIUMVIRAT - Mediterranean Tales (Across The Waters) LP 72 w Illusions On A Double Dimple LP 74 w Spartacus LP 75 w Old Loves Die Hard LP 76 w Pompeii LP 77 w A La Carte LP 78

After the American 70's Prog band posted a couple of weeks ago, here we have the who is known as the German ELP.  They take even quarkier twists and turns and so maketh 70's prog rock!!
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Davideomusic73 said...

thank you for these newest prog.rock vinyls; Have a nice week, dear friend.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for these! I love this genre and after listing to a few of these I really dig this band. Can't believe after decades of crate digging, I don't think I've ever seen these, nor heard of the band. Thanks for correcting that travesty.