Monday, November 27, 2017

VA - 93.7 EDGE MN Modern Rock - The Pachyderm Sessions CD 95

Well I may have waited too long to start getting into my CD's as track 3 could not be captured to digital perhaps due to disc rot!  This radio station was the first to play alternative with commercials but sadly turned into a metal station.  That was O.K. back then because a new station took it's place called REV 105 for 'Revolution Radio' for which I will bring in that comp. CD but sadly that station also is no longer...I think it may be around as a new CURRENT alt country station but I certainly don't buy their guise as alternative.  Just a country station for the North in MN.  Comp. features some cool stuff from our hip hop scene which got huge and gave hip hop a new birth according to ICE CUBE when he toured and visited the schools up in the rough part of North Mpls., includes:  Run Westy Run, Matt Wilson (from Trip Shakespeare and now the Twilight Hours), Rex Daisy, Milk, Big Red Ball, Flipp, Babes In Toyland, Nova Mob, Glenrustles, Martin Zellar, John Casey, ZuZu's Petals, Tribe of Millions, The Blue Up?, Golden Smog (see below post) and good old Soul Asylum.

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