Monday, July 10, 2017

SAVOY BROWN - Getting To The Point LP 68 w Blue Matter LP 69 w Step Further LP 69 w Raw Sienna LP 70 w Looking In LP 70 w Street Corner Talking LP 71 w Hellbound Train LP 72 w Lion's Share LP 72 w Jack The Toad LP 73 w Boogie Brothers LP 74 w Wire Fire LP 75 w Skin 'N' Bone LP 76 w Savage Return LP 78 w Rock 'N' Roll Warriors LP 81 w Greatest Hits 2LP 81 w Just Live LP 70 81 w Live In Central Park LP 72 85 w Highway Blues LP 85

This U.K. Blues band were bigger in the U.S.A. and thus toured there very consistently.  By doing that, they helped start the regular club scene such as at the Minneapolis Labor Temple that an old cab driver told me is where the Velvet Underground played on the West Bank.  Here is a great historic link on this place with posters (link:  After it closed, First Avenue became the dominant club scene and thus most of my records posted are from bands that toured through town there.
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Slidewell said...

They lost me after Street Corner Talkin', but that first bunch, particularly the ones with with Chris Youlden remain favorites of mine. Hyde & Beast, current British indie band, did a nice cover of 'Train to Nowhere' on their album 'Keep Moving'.

Slidewell said...

BTW, here's their very first, for what it's worth.

Savoy Brown-(1967) Shake Down Street @256

Werben said...

Great collection of SB LPs! Thanks!!