Monday, April 24, 2017

BOOTSY'S RUBBER BAND - Stretchin' Out In LP 76 w Body Slam 12 EP 76 w Ahh....The Name Is Bootsy, Baby LP 77 w Bootsy-Player Of The Year LP 78 w This Boot Is Made For Fonk-N LP 79 w Ultra Wave LP 80 w The One Giveth, The Count Taketh Away LP 82 w What's Bootsy Doin' LP 88 w Party On Plastic EP 88 w Bootsy's New Rubber Band promo tape 94

The Music for Strutt renamed album cover above is actually for a Phillippines pressing but I, of course, use all first pressing vinyl for recording as it sounds way better.  Always used to collect rubber bands and rubber monsters growing up, so this has some appeal...LOL.  I follow Bootsy's facebook feed as he is still posting regularly and is quite a cool and upstanding guy who supports the community.  Grade AAA player!  Oh yeah and I just posted a cartoon 7 inch last week akin to his quotes.  I got the tape in 1994 at a large music outdoor concert (Edge Fest) and should have kept buying his stuff as the NEW band seemed to get better and better over time.  Look for it!
Link 1 of 5:
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Doyscoy said...

Thanks for the Bootsy! I was one of the engineers for Body Slam 12" remix. Your link 1 of 5 seems to be corrupt, and only unpacks the first 4 songs. The others unpack fine. Would you be able to create and post a new Part 1?

Viacomclosedmedown on youtube said...

I just tried it and all the songs unpacked properly. Try downloading it again. Make sure you don't change the file name or extension in the process as that may have done it. I wonder it Jimi Hendrix used to watch Wrestling...LOL.

Doyscoy said...

The seventh try was the charm!