Monday, January 23, 2017

THOMPSON TWINS - EPs 83 84 w Into The Gap LP 84 w Here's To Future Days CD bonus 85 w Best of Mixes w Close To The Bone LP 87

Shown above are my rips then I added some remix stuff I found online today.  Anybody GOT the early stuff as that was all expired online?  This was an old girlfriend's favorite all-time band next to Tom Tom Club and Depeche Mode...I picked this stuff up cheap as I was into all the bands on the Debut mag. comp. from a few weeks ago.  Thought I had the old '80s on speed' blog stuff I thought I had downloaded long ago when it was active but couldn't find those either (had all the bonus trax!).
Link 1 of 5:  LINK RESTORED!:
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Link 3 of 5:  LINK IS RESTORED!:
Link 4 of 5:  LINK IS RESTORED!:
Link 5 of 5:


Anonymous said...

hello, link 1 and 3 don't work, could you reup them? thanks

Ramon said...

Link 3 doesn't work!!!

RFelis said...

Many thanks!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for these.

Link 4 doesn't work - is that the one with the Into The Gap EP?

Any chance of a re-up?

Ricky 12-String