Monday, December 12, 2016

CARMEN - Fandangos In Space LP 74

This here is an anomoly that somehow makes a lot of sense--a missing piece if you will.  Spanish glam rock mixed with bits of flamenco and all things Spanish.

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S.D. Joe said...

Great album, great band. Granted, "heavy flamenco/prog" is the sort of niche where two bands would probably represent complete overkill, but one is juuuust right.

This is where Ian Anderson found his finest bassplayer in John Glascock; however, the "David Allen" who fronted this outfit was not that David Allen. On the bright side, Carmen featured a prominent role for David's...wife? sister?....Angela Allen, who was merely one of the most incredibly beautiful women to ever grace a rock'n'roll stage.

As usual, DOWN UNDERGROUND is must bookmarking, and one of the first sites I check in on every day. Cheers!