Monday, September 19, 2016

AUTOMATIC MAN - st LP 76 w Visitors LP 77

I really like the concept and lyrics for this band and a couple songs are great but most are kind of in the vien of a Doobie Brother's or Foreigner outtake or something...Do you know someone like this??
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Gerard said...

Links to Stomu Yamashta's Go (Michael Shrieve, Pat Thrall, Jerome Rimson)

Anonymous said...

I love the tune "My Pearl" and believe that Outkast reference it in their tune "Roses"

Anonymous said...

If you like this, a few that might be worth a try. :

The obvious one (at least to me) would be BeBop Deluxe, particularly the last few albums, Bill Nelson's Sound on Sound for something a little more blistering, and his solo album "Quit Dreaming And Get On The Beam"

Aviary (Self-titled 1979) - Strange hybrid of New Wave and Prog (Think Styx working with Ric Ocasek) with some beatlesque moments

Lone Star - (Firing On All Six 1977) If Led Zeppelin had more keyboards and toned down the blues influence, they would have released this.

Peter Straker - (This One's On Me and The Changeling) Appeared in countless musicals and some episodes of Doctor Who, and on these two albums is backed by Queen at their peak.

Viacomclosedmedown on youtube said...

Thanks for the suggestions Anon! A few you mentioned can be accessed via the search bar in the upper left. Having so many varied selections here and people joking and calling my rips or this blog "the cut--out bin of the blog world" has some validity as I went after stuff at the largest chain in the Twin Cities then cherry picked from the two bimonthly record collector shows there and now my cool city by the beach is way south is next city over from the "world's largest record" store but I have always been an avid record collector and followed my local scene however now it gets to be too much to check out every band camp listening request look up stuff on discogs or lastFM or lose my self and time on soulseek. Hell I'm trying to go Porto and chip away at those 13 record boxes but get sold every other week filling in stuff while available until I'm doing the weekly occasional Walmart 5 long burrito buys for $5 missing my weekly lunch spots but hell I got frowned on by members moving my old YouTube ad html add over during the 2nd three strike shutdown after corridorsofpower after the first Gary Moore used or otherwise album I had bought and fell in love with. Thus I have allies and old members who have made their own blogs like wildevilrules in Germany who has most of that stuff covered and drdrunkruinsitforeverybody who actually kept all his old punk and continues to amaze and my old trader buddy Matt at gloriftheturd who has taken a hiatus for now but has all the fringe weirdo stuff covered. I collected stuff when I was out of work downloading more than I was uploading or ripping then starting back in 2008 from 80sonspeed, Felipe's isksp blog in Brazil excellent selections, bloggedandquartered completist punk blog for my missing stuff who is up again, Pablo's mezagarafe blog for 60s standells excellence, bigscott62 for complete overload on everything from my hometown, killedbydeath blog out East USA with his buddy from Sweden goodbadmusic blog and others on our blog roll on the sidebar but most are defunct! Oh yeah punknotprofit got me into blogging and turned me on to Mark's blog here 6 months after it started with his oi type funny old man skinhead singers that got the core members who splintered off like Max from Germany, drphibes, what that Karl Maldon where he is blind in San Fran anyway I posted that movie here too then Bernardo with Swedish oi came from his blog and started a cool VHS bad movie review blog and brianguy out mw USA or Canada with few but excellent trucker punk or following marks Classic country and my trucker meandering and then jayirc as a younger version of mark helping me fill in my favorite us and Europe punk from MRR mag filling in the ones we all knew but maybe couldn't afford or have time to find online and is in the trust and is still in our community chest somewhere in USA but I have his phone anyway.