Wednesday, May 4, 2016

NAPALM - Tolle EP 80 w It's A Warning 7 82

REPOST Request:  Thanks to Wildevilman for these!  Napalm were a Punkrock-Band from Hamburg.
They existed from 1979 - 1982/83 and the members were Lui (Voice), Martin Witte (Guitar), Frank (Guitar), Arne Wagner (Bass) & Kai Reder (Drums). Ralf Kirstan said NAPALM were the forthcoming 'German Punk & Hardcore Discography' as "one of the best german Punkbands ever!"The abnormally entertaining qualities of the voice from the Singer speaks for itself and were at that time unique in the scene, and theiy handled all instruments in a high standard, especialy in the second Period. A brillant little piece of raw & wild punkrock.More Info can be found here (in german): Napalm

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big fat thank you killersprotte82.
i think this is one of the rarest german punk EP's stuff! (82 release)

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