Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Rupert Everett - Generation of Loneliness 12 EP

Wanted List Request:  I guess only two songs on this one off dance EP by the well known actor but the flip side is pretty cool long song!  The original requestor was interested in this release as it was produced and guitar played on by Bruce Woolley who we have posted before.


Anonymous said...

i was the requester, so thanks for finding the 12"! i'm still holding out hope that i'll run across the full album, either online or in the dusty bins of a used record store. but this will definitely help pass the time until then. thanks again, for this and all the great stuff you is most appreciated.

Viacomclosedmedown on youtube said...

YEah, I kind of thought it was supposed to be an LP. But glad it was pointed out by the requestor as it highlights a trend in the eighties of TV and Movie actors putting out cheesy dance EP's like with "Back at the Ranch" or "Remote Control" by One + One with these overly cheesy chorus that endlessly repeats as you get just the right shoulders up, elbows out dance move, "My TV's broken, now what am I gonna do" it like just a reality shift ya know one medium to another, it just throws ya off and it's quirky nature takes a little bit to fully digest.