Friday, November 6, 2015

A Special Request for Dr. Drunk

I follow religiously the theme master Dr. Drunk over at his blog: and this month's theme relates very closely to my early desires and first rips ever of early eighties compilation tapes such as Meathouse 1 and Charred Remains on Xenia, Ohio's Version Sound or America's Dairyland from Last Rites zine and tapes out of Illinois that my friends in Junior high were trading, so I am asking for help with the remaining tapes on his list that he will post later in the month, if you have a rip, can you post at zippyshare (no account needed just upload and send me the link in a comment or send to me and I will rip and return with great thanks:
Painful Haircut - 1984
Bored Of Directors - 1985
A Message From Camp Sunshine - 1985
Burger Corpse - 1983
Corporate Thrash - 1984
Quest For The Corngirl - 1986
A Piece Of Mind - 1986
Contamination Compilation #1 & #2 - 1982/3
Cursed Earth - 1985
Noise Behind The Iron Dustbin - 1985

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Dr. Drunk said...

Wow, I'm touched V. Thank you! I appreciate this. And my cold dark heart grew three sizes today!