Friday, October 2, 2015

Lul - Ueberlocation LP 89

REPOST Request:  Thanks to Mark Underground for posting this classic CD originally.
Post Punk From Netherlands
(Contains the Colony 12'',Inside Little Oral Annie LP, the Autolocation LP)
Special thanks to Overdrive666 for satisfying this request
Get It Here:


Viacomclosedmedown on youtube said...

Anonymous said...
Thank you thank you thank you!!!! :) I had been looking for ANYTHING from this band for about 20 years! Now I can throw away my 3rd-generation cassette of "Inside..." and "Colony" someone from Holland taped for me in 1988!

SEPTEMBER 21, 2008 AT 2:27 PM
Anonymous said...
link is dead

JANUARY 21, 2011 AT 5:10 PM
Jay IRC said...
Yes, it is. It's from 2008!


JANUARY 21, 2011 AT 6:45 PM
Ernst Pinkster said...
Please would you repost this great cd. Love your choice of music.

SEPTEMBER 28, 2015 AT 8:21 AM

Stuiterbal said...

Thank you so very much. You've made me happy!.