Friday, September 25, 2015

Headstone - Bad Habits LP 74 w st LP 75

REPOST and ADD-ON;  Thanks to Slidewell for sending in the second album from this band featuring ex-members of Atomic Rooster and Rare he said it was time to 'give back'.  Yes you might say the song, "You've Heard It All Before" could be played prominantly at a funeral of course "Don't Turn Your Back" the opening song which should be played daily is a knod to the old band and bridges us to this incredible sounding band (and that opening song should be played daily (did I already say that?) as it used to be played in the shell that is heard in U.S. factories of today with AOR songs now shortened and cut to fit classic rock radio format...phew!@#........a daily dose of the last song., another highlight of the first album called "DMT" is way ahead of it's time...I didn't think they knew about this  chemical our body produces in sleep and also used in shamanic practices in our friendly neighbors to the South in Central and South America...btw let's oppose this 'Dark Act' killing us with GMO foods bypassing international law with collusion (not American in any way!!  We are Independent!!


Anonymous said...

hey dude, do you have any greek lp on your vinyl collection?

cuorediformaggio said...

Thanks for the stuff you provide.
I am looking for:

High sheriff Ricky Barnes & The Hoot Owls - Lost Track Of Time lp

Can you help me?

Sergey said...

thank you very much! great band, excellent stuff