Wednesday, April 15, 2015

HALO OF FLIES - Music For Insect Minds Comp 320 w Richie's Dog 7 w Snapping Black Roscoe Bottles 45 w Music For Insect Minds Bonus Trax 192k w Human Fly 7

REPOST Request:  Last I saw these guys they were gigging with the Melvins at an art gallery with a multimedia presentation.  Makes sense as the singer is a very gifted artist still making posters and covers--an ex-Marine who is fueled by extreme anger and crazy sped-up Hendrix guitar playing.  They have many many rare singles and here is what I could find for now, I have the CD of MFIM but found bonus trax on someone's rip so thanks!
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Anonymous said...

The Human Fly 7 inch is actually a bootleg version of the "Winged" single. The 320 version MFIM is missing track 3 "clowns", and has too many tracks, should only be 26.
The 192 version is a different release and has the correct 29. I love your posts but it takes me hours to sort out the tags, tracks, artwork, missing files. But that's just me I suppose.

Viacomclosedmedown on youtube said...

The "clowns" song was not on my CD which is official as I got it when it came out. I have no idea where I got that other stuff, that's why it's nice when folks take time to comment and correct me. Like I said before, my main goal is to keep this stuff out of landfills and preserve our history. Beyond that I let people cut borders on pictures like Mark Underground used to do for my posts, etc. THanks a lot for the comment

MarsHottentot said...

"Too many tracks"??? How can one complain about extra songs?

RE: tagging / tracking - yeah, sure, it's time consuming but it's also, like, free so...

Thanks for this! I haven't heard a lot of this stuff in over a decade.

Tore Nielsen said...

Thank you! :-)