Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Devil Lee Rot - Flame - Explosion of Hell split ep

REPOST Request:  Thanks to Brian Guy for this original post, here is what he said:
Black Metal from Sweden and Finland respectively.

Side one is Devil Lee Rot from Halmstad, Sweden. First off great take off of David Lee Roth, fricking hilarious in my mind, and the fact that the singer does kind of look like David Lee Roth makes it even better. As for the music this is your basic black metal. It's not bad but not excellent either, but enjoyable.

Flame from Tampere, Finland is excellent. I don't know how to describe it but, I really did enjoy it better than the Devil Lee Rot side. Reminds me of Black Metal era Venom. Flame seemed to be really into the black metal scene, I mean take a look at the back cover.

If you are into Black Metal you'll like this.

This was released on Iron Pegasus of Mosel, Germany in 2001


Brian Guy