Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Ten Wheel Drive - st LP 73

Search this band here at the blog for other vinyl but a different singer--I really dig this album.  Maybe it's my new elliptical needle tip for my old S-120 cartridge with the outstanding tracking called the "Night Club E" and hey it's the same price as the old tips and funky NEON in color--I've noticed it has taken out all treble drop out zones.  All needles need a wear in period to get to their sweet spot which also makes them dig deeper into the grove.  The S-120 spherical tip I've used starts at 120 um and gets better with age since it goes deeper until it misses too much of the groove but this new elliptical starts at 80 um.
Please also note I did a re-rip of the STILLWATER LP from last week since it was that cheapo AT needle only used for three rips as an experiment and the new link is posted there.


thomas said...

they sounds great.
what a gem.
maybe more from them?

Viacomclosedmedown on youtube said...

Hi thomas,
Yeah here's the other post I did awhile back. The years before '73 they don't have a singer. This release here is same year, '73 that Genya Ravan started to get highlighted in the band's moniker but the woman on this release goes by a different name. I'm suspecting it's Genya and you can check out this post:

that also features some of here solo stuff in the late seventies around the time she was hanging around with Frankenstein/Dead Boys ala the wiki post.

thomas said...

thanks a lot
and thanks for the infos