Wednesday, April 23, 2014

VA - I've Got My Friends- Boston-San Francisco Punk Rock

REPOST Request:  Sorry dude I don't have it in Lossless FLAC or WAV files..just the original MP3.  Thanks to JayIRC for this original post featuring:  (Swingin' Utters/Dropkick Murphys/Lowdowns/Outlets/Hellbillys/Showcase Showdown/Reducers SF/Bastard Squad/Demonics/Freeze/Workin' Stiffs/Ducky Boys/Mutilators/Unseen/Randumbs/All Systems Stop)


Viacomclosedmedown on youtube said...

Matt said...
Back in about 2001 this cd was stolen from me, bought it at a dropkick's show in 1998 or 1999, sorely missed it ever since... know where I can get a copy?

OCTOBER 20, 2010 AT 6:59 PM
Anonymous said...
I know this is a really old post but does anyone have anything by the Grenades? They are the secret track on this CD. They do "Mummy Factory". You can e-mail me at if ya got any info.

JULY 12, 2011 AT 3:14 AM
Jay IRC said...
Sorry, but no. I know they have a track on the Slapshot tribute (Boston Drops The Gloves), but I'm pretty sure that's all I've seen from them.


JULY 12, 2011 AT 3:20 PM
Ian King said...
The Grenades were a band from Boston that played from 1994-2004 roughly. The line-up changed several times. They put out a 45 titled Billiard Cue Blackout in 1999. "Mummy Factory" featured Tatoo artist Lovely Kevin Darling "SKI" on vocals. The song was recorded live by Ken Casey at TT the Bears. The show featured the Freeze, The Outlets, The Grenades, The Dropkick Murphies, and 3 1/2 Girls. Incedently, this was the Dropkick Murphies second show and thier first in Boston. Mummy Factory was a joke song made-up on the day of the show to amuse a fellow tatoo shop employee. Two live selections were to be used for that comp. Unfortunately, during the set the guitarist asked the soundman to increase the guitar volume, instead the soundman cut the volume entirely forcing the guitarist to conclude the set using Freeze Guitarist, Bill Close's, unmiked Marshall amp. Consequently the recording came out shitty, and the band asked to not be on the comp. Ken salvaged 20 seconds of Mummy Factory, looped it, and included it on the comp as a wierd bonus track. By the way, when confronted, the asshole soundman suggested that the guitar would not have been cut if he had recieved a tip! He recieved a punch in the face instead. My name is Ian King, I played guitar for The Grenades. If interested in
getting a copy of the 45, please email me at


AUGUST 11, 2011 AT 2:57 PM
Anonymous said...

MARCH 19, 2012 AT 12:39 AM
ray peterson said...
Hi guys. Any chance of a re-up? I've been trying to get a copy of this in lossless for ages. Really appreciate it!

APRIL 19, 2014 AT 5:23 AM

gary sargent said...

Thanks, been waiting for this to hit the internet!