Thursday, April 24, 2014

The Fantastic Journey in The Best of Goblin Vol. 1 - The Dario Argento and Goblin Music Legacy w The Goblin Archive Treasury Live Concert 79

Simply cannot wait to finally get to see Goblin live tonight!!!  I made the video above of Dario Argento's dungeon store in Rome for my old youtube channel during a family Globus bus trip around Italy and Switzerland in 2004.  I also bought this double CD there and only posted this one from my collection since they dedicated it to Dario.  Interesting tidbit, Dario filmed a lot of the "Trauma" film where I lived, complete with classy shots of our beloved "Grain Belt" neon sign on the Hennipen river bridge downtown.
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Anonymous said...

Hello, been digging through your incredible blog. very happy to find the most amazing records. A request if possible...¿could you please reupload sort sol's unspoiled monsters? I'm also looking for Snakecharmers. If they're as good as the rest of their records i might try getting the originals (even if it looks almost impossible down here in patagonia I may try). Thank you a lot for the relentless work,my friend.

Anonymous said...

sorry, made a mistake, the one i'm looking for is "everything that rises must converge",from 1988.¿do you have it around by chance? I just found the previously requested one and wanted to save you the work of reuploading. Thanx again

Viacomclosedmedown on youtube said...

I'll bring in that Sort Sol for you but I haven't got the Snakecharmers. If you do end up buying it I would love to post it here at the blog. I'll trade ya some Walking Seeds files for it...LOL