Monday, March 10, 2014

Tommy Bolin - Teaser LP 75

Finally after all these weeks I fixed my quality problem.  It seems the crossfader lever was the wrong way which lowered the signal causing raspy treble and I needlessly compensated with boost which caused booming bass sounds.  I do apologize and it's mostly not noticeable except in my new car stereo but I have kept most of the good records so if I get a repost request and I have it I will re-rip.  So in the coming weeks, years you are in for a real treat of sound now that it sounds better...just notice this weeks selections and just in time for the mini theme of male solo ending in "y" or "ie"--you know, the ones people get affectionate for with those names so fitting that the problem was fixed.  R.I.P. Tommy Bolin here, way before his time.

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Milord Teum said...

What a plenty of new rare old and outtakes lp's.God bless you