Thursday, March 27, 2014

12 RODS - gay? EP 96

Since I just posted an old local favorite I thought I would go back to another favorite era in music of the late 90's to mid-oughts (they had two more CD's that I couldn't find) during the Radio K (go to for a weekly top 7) heyday.  I just found this old promo CD I had gotten at a show that I always liked as I think it reflects the best aspects of Ozzy Ozbourne in the vocals and Ryan Olcott has gone on to bigger and better things recently like a new solo CD, Mystery Palace, Foodteam and the band Solid Gold.  Radio K is broadcast from the U of MN--of which I am an alumni from their College of Science and Engineering--recent science updates from them:  new CO2 plasma energy method from Geothermal wells for abundant money making energy source, atomic layer lithography manufacturing method breakthrough at their new Physics and Nanotechnology building using Scotch Tape to get 1 nanometer separation for new smaller light and electric circuits (at hundreds or even thousandths of the light wavelength, sending light through this circuit magnifies it 600 million times!), new ultrasound noninvasive method to clear up artery blockages, a new cancer cure for targeting cells without chemo, acquired a new fastest-in-the-world electron microscope to capture in a millionth of a billionth of a second (femtosecond) and the list goes on and on in my quarterly Alumni newsletter.  Go GOPHERS!!!
Here is Ryan's latest CD:
Cool stuff check a free listen here:


thevandalstookmyhandle said...

Wow! Did I just read "Go Gophers"? A big hello from MN. Love the writing - Thanks for sharing. You just got me to spend money searching for 12 Rods records!

Viacomclosedmedown on youtube said...

Hey thanks for the comment. I just edited the post and put up a link for ya!

dgen said...

Woo 12 rods. Didn't Todd Rudgren produce an album of theirs? I have it, just don't remember the name.