Monday, June 24, 2013

ALICIA BRIDGES - st LP 78 w Play It As It Lays LP 79

I used to hear that 'I Love The Nightlife' song repeated endlessly on the radio in my wee infancy and really enjoyed ripping this one and hearing her unique vocal stylings.  A confession to make, as this is the third week in my new apartment ripping weekly, I discovered that ANY FLUORESCENT LIGHT WITH A BALLAST on the same electrical system (my kitchen light is one) will slightly diminish the sound of a vinyl rip and lose it's brightness.  So one of the last two weeks (last week I believe) I had it on--so it's a good thing those LP's kind of sucked anyway and...luckily, in my last two homes, since I started ripping weekly in 2008 this was not an issue!  I also found out that all vinyl's are pressed with a "Mildew Resistant Coating" that diminishes sound VERY slightly but I don't think it's worth getting the $500 dollar machine that runs loudly with dangerous chemicals in a garage environment--plus I don't have a garage to run it in.

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Alicia Bridges - Hocus Pocus LP:

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