Sunday, March 31, 2013

Duck's Deluxe - Last Night Of A Pub Rock Band 2LP 75 w Don't Mind Rockin' Tonight Cass.78

Credited with single handedly reviving the English Pub Rock Scene along with Dr. Feelgood thereby paving the way for the Sex Pistols and Punk Rock.  Just catching up now with add-on's here and requests, etc. and am leaving the present theme of "The Bandnames" as I am tired of it already and only halfway done, but I will come back to it...for now I am excited about the next shorter theme to begin next week of FEMALE ARTISTS like Genya Ravan, Christina, Girlschool, Lene Lovich, Nina Scott, Nina Hagen, Alicia Bridges and a facebook acquaintance Ellen Foley who said she just rose above even her own expectations in recording a new one after so long.

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