Tuesday, February 19, 2013

KGB - Letzte Bestellung LP

This is a great punk rock album from KGB out of Tuebingen, West Germany in 1986, back when there was a Berlin Wall and an East/West Germany, seems like a hundred years ago.

I really enjoy this band even if it is 99.9% or it is in German, which I don't understand, but the music is still good. A cover of "Ballroom Blitz," is the only song in English, but like I said don't let that keep you from enjoying this classic German album.

The Song "Deutschland" is the music of the Bad Brains but with different lyrics, at least that's what the band says in the liner notes.

Released in 1986 on Hard Way Records


Brian Guy



Bernando said...

Both German and French are languages that both sound awesome (atleast in punk and rock) and i never mind listening to them without knowing what they say. The same thing does NOT go for Polish punkbands though haha

Anonymous said...

Oh, thank you! Check this out:
... mostly in german
Hannes (K.G.B.)

Anonymous said...

Oh thank you!
Check this out:
(mostly in german ....)