Wednesday, January 23, 2013

BONEMEAL Skatepunk Magazine from 1983

Ha ha I just posted this so I thought I would share it.  Here we have a four issue skateboard mainly magazine that my buddie made in the old days for our scene.  I don't think there were any more issues than these four.  He silk screened for me a favorite old tshirt of Minor Threat and Ian MacKaye with his head in his knees sitting on the street as a rock (good first step eh??) just so we could skate my folks suburban swimming pool.  It lasted a half hour then my mom kicked us out saying we were damaging the paint job but not before we had some fun.  In the mag about the only music however is when he talks about listening to our favorites,  Agression and Void or in the artwork.  Our favorites in the Midwest Scene near Minneapolis were 7 Seconds, Final Conflict, previous mentioned bands, Misfits, JFA, Iron Fist (local go get this and other stuff at, Iron Cross, Kraut, early Ministry, The Faction (yes we were one of the scene), Powell Peralta skate videos with TSOL, etc. etc. and the rest you see here in the old posts that no longer work...ah well if you need it I will post it for now.

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