Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The Tight Fits - Full Frontal Attack 7"

Happy Boxing Day Everyone!!

I have to admit was really excited when I saw this 45 it has Tina Lucchesi of Trashwomen, Bobbyteens fame (and many other Bay Area bands)  on the cover so I figured this was one of her bands, but I was wrong. She is just the cover model for this seven inch record.

However this is a great little record featuring Jason White on vocals, Kylo"Lawless"Ito on drums and Chatal Monte on bass, and Shane White on Guitar.

Okay is this the same Shane White who had a column in MRR about being the "punk rock bank robber?"

Both songs are absolutely fantastic and if you don't already own this you need to pick it up.

Released on Pure Filth Records in 1995


Brian Guy

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