Saturday, December 1, 2012

The Furies - Fun Around The World LP 87


Olivero said...

hello Viacomclosedmedown,
i've tried to download your new the bands downloads for 4 days now, but with the new rapidshare restrictions it's impossible. No chance so far. I've tried it from 6-23 o'clock. can you help, please? What do you think is the best time for europeans?

Thank you for all the rare records you've posted so far. keep up your good work

Philippe Thivillier said...

Thanks for the hundreds of records posted here.
There seems to be a problem with your latest posts, though, as we get the following message:
"Download impossible.File owner's public traffic exhausted."
Are you aware of the problem?
Whatever the case, I thought I should let you know.
Looking forward to getting a new opportunity of dowloading these files, as well as the PAM WINDO & THE SHADES LP which was deleted not long ago.
Thanks again.


Olivero said...

Great work, you're doing here! Unfortunately the Furies LP Link is already dead. Can you Please reupload. Can't find it anywhere else and would like to hear it.
Thank You

Viacomclosedmedown on youtube said...

It's up now for free from Wilddevilman at Wilddevilrules blogspot!! tHanx for Sendspace it is now.

Viacomclosedmedown on youtube said...

And Phillippe or Olivero let me know if the small trouble persists. I will repost Pam and some of those if you wish. Let me know. Thanks for the feedback you folks in Europe are just as important to me and I would love to go back maybe for Draculatown as I know Vlad is well regarded for saving Romania as a country and identity from being overrun by Turkey's. Or Sweden..etc.U.K.