Wednesday, November 28, 2012

You Know That It's a Product (Punk Music) and Products are to be Consumed 7" - va

We have three punk bands on this lovely little seven inch record, U.X.A (classic band), Corrupted Ideals and The Stitches.

Now this was also released as "1994 West Coast Tour Anarchy In America," same songs same versions as far as I know. I didn't realize that until I brought it home and looked at the back of it, oh well. that's the way it goes. Still it's a great release.

I've always liked De De Troit's singing and "Power Supplies" is a great song. Corrupted Ideals does a cover of the UK Subs "Telephone Numbers," featuring Nicky Garratt of the UK Subs on lead guitar. Finishing out this is The Stitches with "I Just Wanna Fuck," what a happy song. I have to admit that I like the Stitches a lot, maybe I'll post some of their stuff down the road.

Released on Payola Records in 1993.


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