Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Raven + Udo - Born to be Wild 7"

UK meets Germany on this seven inch picture disc bringing Raven and Udo Dirkschneider together on two songs.

Side A is a cover of "Born to be Wild." Seemed to me like every metal act in the 80's did a cover of this song for what ever reason. I think the worst was by Lizzy Borden, which pains me as I always enjoyed Lizzy Borden, oh well.

Side B is Inquisitor which is straight up metal.

I have to admit that I love both Raven and Udo. I was a big fan of Accept when he fronted that band, not to big of a fan of the stuff the band continued did after he left. Oh well.

Released on Neat records in 1983.


Brian Guy



Sociologian said...

Thanks for this, looking forward to hearing it.

Brian Guy said...

I Think I have some more Rave + Udo stuff laying around. If so, I'll post it.


Brian Guy