Thursday, August 30, 2012

Hudson Falcons - The Rat is Dead 7"

Out of Maywood, NJ we have the Hudson Falcons. I'm pretty sure that everyone is familiar with this band so I'm not going to go into much band detail here.

I picked this up while ago and just decided to sit down and give it a listen. I really like the pro-Union song "Unionize," So I guess this is kind of a Labour Day post in away. Since I have to work the holiday what the hell right? The title track "The Rat is Dead," is an interesting song the lyrics "yabba-dabba-do now he's dead too" is kind of a strange place to put a reference from the Flintstones, but it does work in a strange way. the last song "Latin Knights," about gang life is kind of strange musically. It reminds me of some kind of Tom Petty meets Bruce Springsteen mix. It's not bad it's just different.

This was released on Wicksworld Records of San Francisco, CA in 1998.


Brian Guy


Bernando said...

A great EP by a band i sadly enough seem to enjoy less and less the older i become. When i was younger (and had just started working) i always thought about this as oldfolks punk but nowdays (as an old fuck) i can't really get into them like i used to before.

Dill Robert said...

if you get to see these guys live, you won't be sorry. Have known Mark for many years & he's a really good cat. I also have this record and enjoy it alot.

Anonymous said...

thanks for this, I bought there "singles collection" starting from 1997-2002 and these tracks werent on there


Brian Guy said...

I honestly would love to see Hudson Falcons live as I enjoy their music. Glad that everyone enjoyed the post.


Brian Guy