Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Lockjaw (OR) - Shock Value ep

I know that a lot of people already have this or have heard it but, just felt like posting some Portland, Oregon hardcore from the early 80's

Here is Portland, Oregon's somewhat controversial band Lockjaw. They have been accused of being Nazis among other things. Honestly this band is a little bit before my time so I never actually watched them and for the longest time I stayed away from them because of the Nazi tag. After listening to Tattooed Corpse, which was fronted by Sgt. Carter, I decided to check out Lockjaw.

Honestly, I do think that they had a little bit of a right wing stance and may have even been a little sketchy, as they do thank Skrewdriver on the back of the re-issue sleeve, but they also thank Jerry A, of Poison Idea who I'd never think of a right winger.

This was released by the band in 1982


Brian Guy


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