Tuesday, May 15, 2012

August Campbell & the Spur of the Moment Band - Lost Horizons 7"

Another one of those mystery bands that creep up in my record collection from time to time. I know nothing about August Campbell and the Spur of the Moment Band.

What I do know is about the music side a "Lost Horizons" is a horrible Jimmy Buffet wanna be song, maybe that's a little harsh, but man I really hate it a lot, PU.

What really saves this and the only reason that I am posting this is the B side " The I-95 Asshole Song." If you have ever had to deal with some dipshit in traffic that nearly kills you because they can't drive, this song is for you. Good Stuff. So, avoid the A and go for the B.

One side note this post and the two before it where bought a long time ago at a record/book store that no longer exists. I mention this because the owner had this weird idea of selling the vinyl and the sleeve separately, so I have no idea if these three ever had real picture sleeves or not. It wasn't until years later I found out that this was how he sold things. Pretty strange eh? anyone else heard of this practice?

Released on Flat Baroque Records in 1988.


Brian Guy



fulltext said...

They are a local Miami band. Been around for over 20 years, playing at Tobacco Road and other venues.

I believe he started out as a member of The Fleet Starbuck Blues Band before striking out on his own.

Brian Guy said...

Thanks for the information fulltext. That solves one of my unknown band mysteries.


Brian Guy

Anonymous said...

AWESOME SONG!!! I'm glad I found this gem. Thanks for the post.

Brian Guy said...

Glad that you enjoyed it, it is truly a great gem.


Brian Guy