Thursday, April 5, 2012

VA - N.O. (New Orleans) Experience Necessary LP 80

Please click title and thanks to Chuck from Throbbing Lobster ( for selling this to me & all the records on todays posts (not the reposts) at a reasonable price plus more to come in the following weeks. Bands from New Orleans include the infamous Men In Black, Room Service, Mechanics, Driveways, Backstabbers, Shitdogs, Contenders and Mandeville Mike & The Mental Blocks. Interesting how Chuck's old comp. that I didn't post cause I didn't have it of his 3 called "Let's Breed" is his top seller! How about that, bloggers do help out business people.


WildDevilMan said...

Hey Via, if you had here a dead link of my older posts it would be glad when you can re-upp it on mediafire again.

Viacomclosedmedown on youtube said...

WDM,I have hundreds to do myself, but yes I have most all posts except not all the really early few. Can't you just do as I did and get another free email on or and post the link in the comments for your post, I will then repost. That is what I am doing for now and then mail some external harddrives. Mediafire is now 200 MB so it covers most posts of mine and larger go to Rapidshare but if no download they go down with a week's notice but I think I can just log off RS now and hit the link without waiting for the download and it goes away, I think so.

WildDevilMan said...

OK, I want to see what I can accomplish.