Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Artless (NY) - Harass 7"

Artless what can I say. They do a cover of "I Touch Myself" by the Divinyls. The song "Harass" is an interesting take on sexual harassment, not sure I agree with it, but Mykel Board always makes you think. Released on Vital Music Records on pink vinyl

I think this may have been posted by someone earlier, but I couldn't find it when I searched for it so if this has already been posted sorry, if not enjoy.


Brian Guy



No I don't think this has ever been posted, and I've looked. Good job. These guys are always great for an uncomfortable laugh, Much thanks...

Viacomclosedmedown on youtube said...

You're right ARMEDANDHAMMERED I think I had one of the other 7's...at any rate I like to see my Eugene Chadborne or Skid Roper with Mojo Nixon albums yet to rip as prior was in on the scene there at Gilman Warehouse with MRR guys still holding true to this day with recent mag's at my old college buddy Jason's collective-best-punk-store-in-town called Extreme Noise. Jason and I met in the dorm food line, he with high Mohawk and he talking first pointing out my Fishbone shirt from 'boneintheusa' tour that they were breaking out with concurrently at first ave club who played the EP breakout video for 'Modern Industry' and I just starting a string of like 4 / 5 tours seeing their scene mates RHCP and Anthony Keidis pointing me out during the first gig as a dancin' white boy from the 'burbs' that could dance special from ANYONE else with my Lumberjack shirt and a Big Black next to me-- it was my show in the big room at Prince's club First Ave. I had scene with McDonald's work mates in Jr. High at the local moviehouse. The sneak in after that but my sister's I.D. didn't work then was Motorhead with Die Kreuzen thru the back do' similar to a few years ago at Midnight Movies posted on my youtube channel who I had met during my short stint in LA scene '03 where all the radiok.org bands came thru on point like Death In Vegas (I found a promo CD called the Cantino session I would like to post as it's on my laptop wheelie now--I wont repost their one we already have here at DU blog 'cus they still around. The SXSW fest in Austin that I now try to follow had in '03 a LA Weekly write-up. I truly enjoy & encourage our the blog readers to check out the band they also listed called 'The Coral'. Shoot I remember buying "The Sparks" boxset when I arrived and following 'Gary Wilson' band touring the coast--the songs came to life for me from the outtake CD then to see the Blind Dates near my 'Sunset Hood' on Vine Street in 'Hollyweird'--as my first boss at a German firm called it. Yeah my buddies from back home, the local rappers ATMOSPHERE with Slug made it big out there while I worked that year for the Japanese firm and all the greats were coming out of the woodwork like Angry Samoans, Metric, seein' and bein' local buds with my heros of the Youth Movement and Punk the Stern boys--all three of 'em!! Hey, they set me up for back home as they told me the new hang was Triple Rock and I saw them play there shortly after I moved back home to be Uncle for thirteen neices & nephews.