Monday, March 12, 2012

Oizone - An indifferant beat CD (2000)

Oi!/Punk/Pop from UK
(Boring evening. Just couldnt help myself from posting something. Truly excellent album with Oi! versions of famous pop and rock songs)

16 Oi! covers of artists such as: Michael Jackson - Spice girls - Boyzone - Be Gees - Bwitched - The osmonds - Cat stevens - Babybird - Tracy Chapman - Blue mink

VIdeo for the cover of Michael Jacksons Earth song



hey did mediafire raped you yet they sure raped my ass took all my files down switched to rapidshare got alot of stuff to re-up i think us blooger's day's are numbered.

Bernando said...

They sure did.
Strange how they can remove stuff with no legal right behind it. I'll probably do the same.

Viacomclosedmedown on youtube said...

They set an example with bigger free accounts because dey got to make money man. So they gave me chance to buy but I never did. Now I'm going to send via U.S. Mail (who just closed a bunch of their stores including the local one next door in a historic building they are now trying to sell and preserve)a terrabyte or so harddrive to a new absolutely permanent site ( --makes sense doesn't it?)due to their filestoring technology rotating around but anyway I digress, send them all my .WAV files 'cus they want your best stuff and they will convert it to VBR (which is variable bit rate mp3--a nice compromise in size and quality supposedly as good as 320) and simply then a page full of file links so I can quickly get up back and running. However, they have a quick section for just live music but I do believe they want the rare stuff--our (yes even you SOI as I know your heart is in it and you post good stuff and have remained true to reject the racist stuff like I have--I won't repost Intolerant Sea Snake even thought they are so good but I liked Pope John Paul and followed his work so I can't slag him and the song about blacks is simply ignorance--so sorry for whatever verbs went back and forth as these issue sometimes need to be put on the table as we all know)

Bernando said...

Someone becomes a good person by rejecting "racist stuff"? Whatever does that tell about a mans true heart?

Viacomclosedmedown on youtube said...

It's negative. Reject all negative and positive will then fluorish. I didn't say you're heart wasn't in it, Bernando. I am PMA I am connected to the Bad Brains in society, so bring them down then. That is the best part of your scenario. As we learned from the nineties, work within the system. I'm just tired of it, less of fighter myself now that I solved many of my health issues.

Viacomclosedmedown on youtube said...

Hey Bernando, I let you a comment under your Ron Paul post. Wanted you to know. Also for Brian Guy, I'm going to find his last comment. I've gotten most of it off my chest so it should settle down here after awhile and I'll post some goth theme stuff like Out Of The Fire, kit, DNA and Random Hold. Cookin' up some tasty platters like you have here!