Tuesday, May 10, 2022

STEVE MILLER BAND - Recall The Beginning...A Journey From Eden LP 72 w Living In The U.S.A. LP 73 w CD Boxset Disc 3 94 w Best Of CD 73 w Book Of Dreams LP 77

REPOST and ADD ON:  Added the 73 reissue I had found at Goodwill as it was in much better shape than the original vinyl I had posted long ago.  I used to love hearing 'Funky Shit Going Down In The City' back in grade school and would wait for the Jet Airliner song to come onto the radio so I could tape it with my old box tape recorder holding it up during the song patiently.  But then my AOR station would only play the edited version with 'Funky Kicks'.    https://gofile.io/d/ympUbM       

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