Tuesday, April 5, 2022

Chris de Burgh - Far Beyond These Castle Walls LP 75 w Spanish Train And Other Stories LP 75 w At The End Of A Perfect Day LP 77 w The Getaway LP 82 w Man On The Line LP 84 w Into The Light LP 86

REPOST and ADD ON:  Was thrilled to find the first two prog rock albums stashed away in a bunch of Goodwill finds from long ago.  Very cool lyrics and prog rock-type songs that you don't see much these days and also added his 'Into The Light' which has his biggest song 'Lady In Red' which appears by chance on yet one more compilation on this blog that I posted below.  Had this all planned before the ska request that got me finally ripping the CD's above  and organizing  below.


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My love for Chris de Burgh knows no bounds. My favorite song of his has always been "Carry Me (Like A Fire in Your Heart)" from his "Flying Colours" album, that he wrote for his father after his mother died. One of the most beautiful songs of love and loss that I've ever heard. A lot of my friends call his music sappy, but to me, he writes lyrics from the heart, and that's what makes him great. These albums are both terrific. "The Getaway" was my first exposure to his music right at the end of my senior year of high school, and I've loved him ever since.

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