Wednesday, February 2, 2022

Nine Nine Nine - The 999 Singles Album 80 w Separates LP 78 w High Energy Plan LP 78 w Nasty! Nasty! 7 77 08 w st CD 78 w Peel Sessions EP 78 w Live At The Nashville CD 79 02 w Biggest Prize In Sport (Live) LP 80

REPOST Request and ADD ON:  Thanks to Felipe from defunct Brazilian blog Isksp for the first reissued 7 inch and Mark Underground for the self-titled album post.  I had posted the first three pictures shown as I had heard long ago from a collector at a record show that those were the best to get.  Got the rest somewhere out there in the blogsphere.


Viacomclosedmedown on youtube said...

snafu1963 said...
thanks for this, I have it on vinyl but not technically inclined to rip it to CD



JUNE 5, 2013 AT 9:01 PM
Anonymous said...
Would love to see this shared again.

OCTOBER 22, 2016 AT 12:08 AM
salmitch said...
Can you please refresh this & the other 999 links? Thanks so much!

JANUARY 26, 2022 AT 2:05 PM

Miguel Guerra said...

Hi. Could you re-up Jimmy Destri and something of Funkapolitan ?
Thanx a lot

salmitch said...

Thanks so much!

Anonymous said...

Thank you. Pleas, MORE Punk!