Friday, August 10, 2018

Tuner has the volume adjust

Below didnt work so cleaned up good old obsolete preamp and sounds ok
BTW the painting is by my grade school fdiend Maggie who paints exclusively Bernese Mounfain dogs like she owns here is her store of cool stuff
She is scheduled for a dual masectomy this Monday so I ask that you keep her in your prayers and keep your own blood serum levels of Vitamin D to the new recommendation of not 20 but 60 to 80 nanoliter to prevent 80% of known cancers.

Ok figured it out my sound issue.  You see the new Tuner/Old school receiver DOES signal adjust simply in its volume adjust but I didn't have the speakers hooked up so level was fixed too high from before so was recorded high on my computer (I thought level was fixed! after my Preamp to Receiver announcement.  I will redo all those in time maybe 15 albums up to now.  Sio yeah now my aux sound input volume adjust at 40% to get rid of background fuzz will work again as I was too high with tuner signal to notice it working.  This is a great new recording set up for me now because I replaced the wore out pots on my cheapo preamp mixer with two push buttons one up one down and those are less likely to get the carbon build up here is list to redo: Glider, American Flyer, Gleaming Spires, Jim Cappaldi, Dickey Lee, last two Vangelis, Return of the Electric Warrior, first four Sammy Hagar, Free Creek Festival, The Tribe, Roman Holliday, The Jets, the Mystic Moods, and that's it as the older vinyl seemed ok but will redo the 3 latin music selections also.

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Davideomusic73 said...

I'm glad you've solved glitches with your amplifier.
And, of course, Best wishes for Maggie and get better soon