Monday, July 10, 2017

TAXXI - Day For Night LP 80 w States Of Emergency EP LP 82 w Foreign Tongue LP 83 w Expose LP 85

REPOST Request:  What can I say?   Worth having.
Link 1 of 3:
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Link 3 of 3:


Viacomclosedmedown on youtube said...

RA Feutz said...
Thaxxs for all the Taxxi!

MARCH 22, 2016 AT 9:52 AM
Da5vi said...
first link doesn't work anymore, would you re-upload it?

OCTOBER 7, 2016 AT 3:47 AM

OCTOBER 12, 2016 AT 8:54 AM
angstytimelord said...
Well phooey, all the links seem to have died! Could you re-up these, please? I used to love the songs "I'm Leaving" and "Walking Wounded" back in the 80s, and I'd love to have the albums back again! Thanks!

JUNE 30, 2017 AT 6:16 PM

Davideomusic73 said...

thanks for all these re-ups my friend.Best wishes for you & Family