Thursday, June 15, 2017

All the Oi! Compilations I Could Find!

REPOST Request:  Here are all the Oi! or close to Oi! compilations I could find that were labeled clearly in the WinRAR file name (I might have some more)...have at it!!  Looks like I am missing one of the actual requested compilation:  Oi! The Resurrection as it was posted before my time at the blog....anyone got links to post for these two?
Link 1 of 12:
Link 2 of 12:
Link 3 of 12:
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Link 6 of 12:
Link 7 of 12:
Link 8 of 12:
Link 9 of 12:
Link 10 of 12:
Link 11 of 12:
Link 12 of 12:
Comp.'s include:  4 Sides Of Oi!, 7 inches of Oi!, British Oi! (Working Class Anthems), Carry On Oi!, Mayday! An All Canadian Oi! and Streetpunk, VA - Debout! Vol. 1 (French Oi!), Addicted To Oi!, 100% Oi! Made In Italy, Oi! It's Streetpunk, Pop Oi!, Oi!Oi!Oi!, Oi! Rare And Exotica, Oi! A Tribute, Oi! Greek Oi! Collection, Oi! The Demos, Oi! The French Connection, Sound of Oi!, Skin Songs Vol. 1, Skins And Punks Vol. 1, 16 Dynamic Reggae Hits, Goin' Downtown Ska, Ils Sont Pour L'Eternite, Oi! the Album, Oi! Malaysian League, Oi! l'Album, Oi! of Japan, Oi! That's Yer Lot, Punk and DisOi!derly, Oi!'s Revenge, Oi! The Main Event, Oi! The New Breed.


Anonymous said...

Oi! Wow!!! Thanks a lot for this awesome post!!!!! Grateful!!!!!

Dr. Drunk said...


Konrad Useo said...

Well, that's my schedule settled for the next week! Big thanks.

Lewdd said...

Interesting as I just finished ripping about 50 Oi! comps to FLAC this week.

Hingehead said...

Embarassed to admit I thought you said Oils compilations (i.e. Midnight Oil) - but I have a bigger Oi! hole than Oils hole in my collection - so thanks!

Anonymous said...

Down Underground does it again. Thanks for the awesome post!