Wednesday, May 10, 2017

FLESH EATERS - Live Cass. Bonus 79 - 83 88 w A MINUTE TO PRAY A SECOND TO DIE w Sexy Diary of Mr. Vampire w FOREVER CAME TODAY w Prehistoric Fits Vol 2 w Clutch Cargo's, Detroit 7-17-82 w Disintegration Nation EP w Dragstrip Riot w A Hard Road To Follow AND Divine Horsemen - Snake Handler LP Handful of Sand EP w Devil's River LP 86 w STONE BY STONE w Chris D. - I Pass For Human LP 89

REPOST Request:  Well, just when I think I have them all over the years...along comes more (which is a GOOD thing).  Anyone GOT the later two, Miss Muerte LP and Ashes Of Time CD?  And while we're at it, Mark Underground's old post of the SST album 'Prehistoric Fits' lacks the last 3 songs as well also Greatest Hits LP, EP w 7 Crucified Lovers In Woman Hell w Mother's Worry 7...GGGOT??
(B.T.W.- I didn't label the FE below...that way you have to click through all of them to check which file it is and each click is 30 more days of the link being up...good idea, hmmmmmph?)
Stone By Stone:
Divine Horsemen 1:
Divine Horsement 2:
and now the FE video I got from a trader long usual the very handy Joiner Freeware software you need to make all the video parts as one is in the last file plus cover pic's of remaining needed:


Viacomclosedmedown on youtube said...

stogref said...
Hey, i longtime follower who haven't come around for quite a while now, is saying thanks for this one yet again and cheers from France! Keep up the underground work, it helps the vibe grow... ;)

AUGUST 22, 2009 AT 3:15 AM

planckzoo said...
This is a great album, I love the Flesheaters. Grab it while you can

DECEMBER 23, 2009 AT 8:54 PM
WildDevilMan said...
This is Punk as I love it. Rough, wild, melodic and short songs. Just simply cool...had the single everywhere and if someone is interested: SCREAM!!!!! to me...

DECEMBER 24, 2009 AT 4:13 AM

powerpopfanatic1979 said...
Great album, great band. Can't believe the musicians that passed through the ranks. Stan Ridgeway, John Doe, Dave Alvin, Steve Berlin, DJ Bonebrake. All went onto greater things. Chris D had a good eye that's for sure. Like the Miles Davis/John Mayall of punk in that respect.

Have you heard The Divine Horsemen at all?

DECEMBER 27, 2009 AT 8:09 PM

APRIL 15, 2015 AT 10:03 AM
Viacomclosedmedown on youtube said...
Yes, first heard them on my old favorite SST tape comp. very clean sound..amazing. Yes, Chris D. also personifies my enjoyment of the LA movie culture with his many references...kind of a 'Glenn Danzig of the West' you might say:>}

APRIL 21, 2015 AT 8:09 AM
Daniel said...
Once again, muchos gracias!!!! Your blog rules.

APRIL 27, 2016 AT 11:04 PM
rob gronotte said...
Thanks! But link 8 is dead, could you re-upload?

SEPTEMBER 29, 2016 AT 12:04 AM
Viacomclosedmedown on youtube said...
Rob Gronotte,

Stone by Stone is up for you buddy!

OCTOBER 12, 2016 AT 8:59 AM
Weinwisser said...
Hi there, any chance of a re-Up?

MAY 5, 2017 AT 8:08 PM

Anonymous said...

thanks for this. Can anyone post the NO FRAUD EP and the NO FRAUD revolt demos lp..I would really REALLY appreciate it-Thank you DR.PHIBES

Anonymous said...

so many thanks!!!!

Joel Rizzo said...

Very,very cool clusterfuck of greatness here. Thank you from Joel in Joliet. I love me some Chris D.

Carla said...

Hey, thanks a million for reposting. I have all this stuff on vinyl but not all on CD... ergo, no digital versions for everything. Really appreciate this!