Monday, May 8, 2017

Average White Band - Show Your Hand LP 73 and Put It Where You Want It LP 75 w st LP 74 w Cut The Cake LP 75 w Soul Searching LP 76 w Person To Person 2LP 76 w Ben E. King - Benny And Us LP 77 w Feel No Fret LP 79 w Volume VIII LP 80 w Shine LP 80 w Cupid's In Fashion LP 82 w The Spirit Of Love EP 88

A miracle all the vinyl made it through a flood in my first house basement, as you can see the covers did not fair so well!  I got these back in college in the early nineties when vinyl was being cleared out for a quarter ($0,25) for each!  I remember how excited I was when the rapper TOO SHORT used the killer riff on 'School Boy Crush' wow so bad ass!  This music is based in love and I swear that repeated listens will leave your brain in a more organized better frame. Starts with rare first song, 'the Juggler' from their debut that got repressed when they made it big from the st LP but swapped that song for another...both included but rip is from the first press "Show Your Hand" in good condition.
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angstytimelord said...

Oh man, I SO remember this band being all over the radio with "Cut the Cake" and "Pick Up the Pieces" when I was a kid. I think I was around 9-10 years old when they got popular, and I LOVED those two big singles, though at the time, I was too young to be into collecting albums (hey, I was still a Bay City Rollers fangirl at the time -- and yes, I still love the Rollers, too!) so I never got them. Great to be able to listen to the entire albums more than 40 years later! Thanks for these!

Viacomclosedmedown on youtube said...

Well I did find out I am missing the 'Warmer Communications" album from 1978 and they did do a couple more. I discovered them on a radio show in college Sunday nights called 'Back In the Days Of Soul' with Chilly Charles. This was late eighties and I would come home with a foot high stack of quarter beat up soul records after getting clues from his show's regular play list hits. HA! Funny you were into the BCR just like this guy in our fourth grade class who used to sell everybody Major League Baseball hard hats. I think he also like the PEZBAND who I could post for you if you haven't heard them. Later from my record show contacts someone told me about 'Off Broadway' who are in a similar pop vocals category just like other 'roller rink rats' I've posted like the Rollers, Hawks and the Kind. I was into taping stuff off the multi-band radio my folks got me back then and then the RCA record club getting friends to join for 3 free records each time after two older brothers and older sister got me into hearing their music while I played in their rooms. Took to collecting all the Led Zeppelin, Rush...beyond the regular AOR rock stuff my bro's had. My sister had the cool stuff like B-52's, Talking Heads, Boomtown Rats, Ted Nugent's Wango Tango (we cranked that one all the time!) until junior high when our whole class embraced punk and new wave. Thanks for the comments.

angstytimelord said...

I've never heard Pezband, but everyone I know who's into power pop says they're awesome! I'd love to hear them!

Haha, I remember those music clubs. I was in the Columbia House Record Club (well, my parents were), and we would get stuff like the Carpenters and BCR. That's pretty much what I grew up listening to, as well as the AOR and Top 40 radio stations. And then -- in 1979, when I was 15, I went to my first concert, the Ramones on a Friday night. The next night, I saw the Rocky Horror Picture Show at a midnight showing for the first time. RHPS and Joey Ramone changed my life, and I was never quite the same after that weekend. I was one of those teenagers who embraced punk and new wave, too! Boomtown Rats, Talking Heads, B-52's, Joe Jackson, the Police, the Cars, Blondie .... loved all of those bands. Still do!

I miss the early 80s. There was so much great music around then.