Wednesday, February 8, 2017

OINGO BOINGO - st EP 80 w BOI-NGO LP 80 w Good For Your Soul LP 83 w Dead Man's Party LP 85 w Danny Elfman - SO-LO LP 84

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Link 1 of 4 (Elfman's Film Score):
Link 2 of 4:
Link 3 of 4:
Link 4 of 4:LINK RESTORED 10-18-17:


Anonymous said...

Thanks for these rips. I bought three of these when they came out, but my vinyl has been in storage forever, and besides that, I don't have the means to rip it myself. Finally, thanks to you, I've grabbed the version of the st EP that I originally bought way back when. There was apparently another mix of it released for sale, which is the one I've always gotten when I've downloaded it through the years. "Ain't This The Life" sounds like a demo or worse on that pressing, not nearly as great as this version. It's always been my favorite OB song.

If you post this again, could you include "Just Another Day," track 01 from Dead Man's Party? It looks like it didn't make it into these zips. According to your track numbering, it should be track 16, but 16 is missing. I rechecked and it's not in any of the four zips you have here. Thanks.


Anonymous said...

Link 4 of 4 is down ¡¡¡
Please please please upload it back ¡¡¡

Viacomclosedmedown on youtube said...

O.K. Anon,
Post is restored!