Monday, February 27, 2017

AGE OF CHANCE - Crush Collision EP 87 w 1000 Years of Trouble LP 87 w Kiss EP 87

REPOST Request:  A classic from the street beats!


Viacomclosedmedown on youtube said...


Anonymous said...
I heard "Who's Afraid Of The Big Bad Noise" from 'One Thousand Years Of Trouble' on late-late-nite Canadian radio the year it came out but was never able to track the album down. Looks like I finally have!! Many thanks, this will be fun.


JULY 29, 2014 AT 1:00 AM
Grebo said...
Fantastic stuff. I still pick up their singles whenever I see them. They really stank the joint up with their 2nd incarnation/2nd album ("Mecca") but man oh man, 1000 YRS OF TROUBLE is truly fantastic stuff!!

AUGUST 1, 2014 AT 9:05 AM
Anonymous said...
Please if possible reup had this on vinyl and it got broke in a house move

FEBRUARY 26, 2017 AT 5:15 AM

Dave said...

Many many thanks for the reup

Davideomusic73 said...

Thank you very much for awesome stuff this week (including Tubeway Army eps,Heaven 17,Rockwell, Simon Townsend and more ...Enjoy the week, my friend ;)